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Inner Wheel is an international service organisation for women, open to all who share its aims and ideals. Inner Wheel was founded in Manchester by Mrs Margarette Golding in 1924. District 4 is one of 29 Districts in the UK & Ireland and has 26 clubs covering West & North Yorkshire. Inner Wheel is one of the largest women's voluntary service organisations in the world with members in 104 countries with a worldwide membership of 108,641.

Members enjoy trips to the coast, Country Houses, raising money in imaginative ways e.g Sky Dive, Charity Walks, Bake Off, Wine Evenings and much more.

Inner Wheel is where dedicated women share their friendship, passion for community service and take action to make lives better.  If you would like to join the fun & friendship go to our contact page.

Virtual Convention 2021

The International Inner Wheel Convention was held virtually in India this April. Ten members from District 4 enjoyed a weekend of entertainment, travel, shopping and much more. A WhatsApp group of the ten members kept us in touch throughout the event.  It proved invaluable from the start with some technical problems at the beginning soon being resolved.

District 4 Charity for 2020-2021


Smart Works helps women get back into the world of work by improving interview skills, providing outfits for interview and a wardrobe for work.

Attendees must have a valid interview to qualify.

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As a result of the current Coronavirus pandemic our clubs are unable to meet.  We hope you keep safe and well during these unprecedented times and look forward to getting back to what we do best...supporting women & girls worldwide. 

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Association President Enid would like you to support her chosen charity RDA for 2020-2021